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Just Breathe

That’s integral. Not only for living. But for keeping sane. Breathe deep and count to ten, or twenty, or even a hundred.

This has been a very busy few days. I have been out of work for a week, which never helps my sanity and has meant I have been spending some quality time with nan. Lovely, the majority of the time. But we do tend to bicker a lot as my patience runs thin. This does upset me, of course it does, but all is forgiven/forgotten quite soon. 

The main cause of the arguments is the central heating. For some reason the central heating is the trigger to me getting cross and wound up. We had worked out a system that was working. Which basically involves a timer coming on after nan has fallen asleep so that the house stays warm. However I had an early night and left nan alone to play with the heating. BAD IDEA! She turned it off completely so I woke up cold in the morning. This did not help my mood. And when I came down she had turned the oven on to warm the house up (apparently this is another bizarre thing old people do, like boiling dish cloths). I turned it off and told her that as I needed to go out I would rather she did not have the oven on especially after nearly burning the house down last week. (Forgetting rule 1 from the admiral nurse, do not argue with what they are doing). Anyways long story short there was a cross nan and a cross granddaughter. But we soon made up and everything has been a bed of roses for the last two days. 

Today we had the social services round, which I have been worried about for the last few days as nan does not like the social services. I think she worries that they will cart her off and put her in a home. But there was nothing to be worried about. Nan and the social lady got on very well (bonding over a love of cheese sandwiches and drambouie) and the lady agreed that we needed a little extra support but that nan can stay in her own home as long as there is someone to keep an eye on her (not only for nan but also for mine and my mums state of mind). 

Still no news on the benefits scandal. Useless country. 

It’s been lovely having proper nan back the last couple of days. I know it won’t last as we usually have great days followed by awful days, but it’s these sorts of days that I will remember 🙂


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