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I really couldn’t think of a title for todays blog, but luckily Brad Pitt came on the telly and there you go.

Nan and I have been having a really good couple of weeks, partly thanks to the Admiral nurse helping with my coping techniques. But also nan seems different. Almost better. I’m not naive enough to think this means she is cured, I have known from the beginning that it will seem like she is recovering, and then one day, she’ll dip a bit more. It’ll get harder.

But for now I’m focussing on the positives. Nan is chirpy most days. We have been having some great conversations, just inane chat, but real quality time. There have been no disasters. Nan has been asking more questions, trying to stay in the conversation and not drifting out of it. She has been eating, like really eating. You can always tell when nan isn’t feeling great, or is having a strop, she stops eating and gets really quiet.

Nan seems more grateful too. I don’t expect it, but it is nice every now and again, to have that genuinely felt thankyou. And she is definitely enjoying the freedom, helping me pick recipes to cook for the week, and always looking for something to do to help. I never used to want her to help, she is too fragile to me and I don’t want her to get broken. But she is perfectly capable of grating some cheese, slicing mushrooms, washing up, even ironing (as long as someone keeps an eye and a nose out for burning). And it really helps her confidence, which is something people from dementia and all memory impairment lack. So it’s making her happier that she doesn’t feel like such a failure in her own home, which I guess is making her feel more comfortable and happy, which is making things easier on the both of us.

The idea of moving seems to be keeping her in the present as well, its something to look forward to. And we are enjoying making plans for when we get to the new house.

Please share, and comment 🙂

Thanks again to those who have supported so far 🙂


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