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“Knock Knock”

“Who’s there?”

“Oh just a random stranger”

“Come in”

Main frustration this week. Nan opening the door for anyone, despite having had money stolen on her doorstep just months ago. See I know she can’t help it, because she forgets, and its become routine to just open the door. But why can’t she just think of her own safety? All the people we know can let themselves in (carers etc). I’ve tried putting a sign on the door, but it’s been there so long it’s almost as if it has become part of the door, or see through. For all the good it’s doing it may as well not be there. 

This is something that is really driving me to my wits end. How can I stop her opening the door without locking her in? Being home 24/7 is certainly opening my eyes to the danger she ignores (Ignore is possibly not the best word, but nan is incredibly stubborn and still believes she is perfectly capable of anything ). 

Please, if anyone has any ideas feel free to comment because short of locking her in or just taking the door off I’m running short of ideas. 

Thankyou once again for all support and feel free to share around 

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