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Charity & Austerity

Don’t get me wrong. I think we should all do our bit for charity, and I am chuffed that between us the British public managed to raise over £70 million last night for Comic Relief. I find it amazing that even though many of us are struggling to fund ourselves we were still able to be charitable. What I do not agree with is the government agreeing to spend £16 million of the next budget to send to Africa (on top of what we already allocate to send over there). 

Are you telling me that we as a country have a spare £16 million? If this is the case then I suppose we should all stop worrying about the impending triple dip recession? And the fact that so many of our citizens are unable to find work? And I assume this also means that our wages will actually go up to meet with the cost of living? And taxes etc are now able to decrease to a more reasonable level? And I really hope that if we have £16 million to send to Africa out of our budget we will have at least twice as much to spend on the benefits and charities in this country that really need that money? 

As mentioned in a previous post my nan has had her benefits decreased due to that fact that I refuse to claim allowance for doing what I would hope any kind hearted person would do. She is having to pay for her own care because the government assume that just because you worked all your life and own your own house you have the money lying around to pay the extortionate care costs. Could we not have pumped this £16 million into our own care system? Which is currently so flawed that if you spend your life on the dole, living in a council house you get free residential care as an elderly person, but if you work hard in your younger years to buy a house, you have to sell it to get residential care? Or how about the fact that in some areas of our country there is little or no support network for those with dementia or memory illnesses and their families? We are lucky in Kent as we have many Admiral Nurses to assist with carers and the sufferers but in the South West there are very few. Could the government not be spending more money on training people in these areas of the country to aid support for those caring, and suffering with memory related illnesses? Or how about funding more respite for those who care, especially young carers as I often feel that these people are overlooked. They cannot work, many risk falling behind in their studies to look after parents/grandparents etc and then are left with the hard task of catching up as adults. 

So I really hope that the next budget will put my mind at ease and will cover at least a few of the points in this post. However I have a feeling that the government will simply announce more taxes (don’t get me started on the bedroom tax policy!) and more austerity measures. Which would be fine, if we were not giving hand outs to other countries before ourselves. 

Charity begins at home.

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3 thoughts on “Charity & Austerity

  1. And even after paying extortionate care costs, the councils care company is still unreliable and don’t turn up on many occasions!

  2. Ah, it’s terrible – the government needs to get its act together and sort out who gets what out of the allowance system. The real scandal is how pensioners who are very well off, and are in full control of their faculties and able to work, get given the money that would be better given to those struggling to get by. Makes me so angry. =/

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