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It’s Like Taking Candy From a Baby…

…I only wish today’s post could be more positive, seeing as it’s Easter. But Holiday’s don’t seem to exist any more, not for nan anyway. So carry on regardless.

Ripping off the elderly and infirm. It’s an idea which should make most people’s skin crawl, but unfortunately seems to happen with more regularity, especially if you scratch beneath the surface of companies.

I like to think that having me around, and my mum a phone call away means my nan has a little more protection than most, gives her a bit more of a voice than others. Unfortunately she has fallen victim to let’s call them lesser hearted people, who robbed her on her doorstep. At the time this made me very cross, but the subject of today’s post, maybe more so. Criminals and lesser hearted people, you would expect this sort of behaviour from, yes it is still wrong but I certainly find the idea easier to stomach than say a family member stealing from the elderly/infirm person, or perhaps the carer you entrusted?

Fortunately, in this respect the carers who have been coming in have not been stealing as such that they have taken money etc from her purse. However I have been noting the times the carers have been coming for. And the findings surprised me. We pay them to come in for a half hour slot in the morning and a half hour slot in the evening. So you would assume I suppose that the carer would be in for an hour a day? Incorrect. We are lucky to have them in for an average of 40 minutes a day. Yesterday we had a grand total of 20 minutes visits from the carer. And the day before, no one turned up for the morning call, and only came for a 5 minute evening call. Over the period of one month I have discovered that we have paid the care company (who at this moment shall remain nameless) for 433 minutes of care that we have not received. The equivalent of just over 14 separate half hour calls!

How is this OK? If the company can do this to my nan when they know I am here to oversee everything is shocking to me. Mostly because I know that my mother and I will fight this, but what about all the elderly and infirm people who have no one to voice their concerns? The people who completely rely on the care company? The ones who have become so ill that they no longer have a concept of time, and how long the carers spend “caring”? For how can a person receive the personalised care they deserve if the carers refuse to spend the allotted time with them?

I appreciate that there are now many people who require care, and that there is a certain amount of travel required between “clients”, but why should each “client” lose out on time they are paying for, when surely it should be factored into the day of each carer?

I would appreciate any feedback on if anybody has come across this, especially if you have any ideas on what can be done to fight for those without a voice. Thankyou once again to all my readers


4 thoughts on “It’s Like Taking Candy From a Baby…

  1. Is there a local government agency that you can contact regarding this matter? Care companies are regulated so there must rules set in place that govern their behavior. Sounds like either the carers need a reckoning and/or they need to find another job. I’m sorry this issue has been a part of your experience. You certainly don’t need anyone taking advantage of you and your nan.

    • Yes, we are contacting the Social Services who helped us set up the care in the first place, and hopefully she will talk to the council with us.
      Certainly the last thing we need. And nan has even been picking up on it, asking me how long they’ve been staying as it doesn’t seem very long.
      Will obviously keep everyone updated with our progress so that if anyone else has struggled with their care company we can point each other in the right direction to get it sorted. Once again, thankyou for reading

  2. This is normal. Talk to the carers about it. They will tell you that they work longer than their contracted hours to make sure everyone on their rota is seen. The company will set the rota by computer, which doesn’t take into account the unexpected (like road works, or a client going missing) or the human needs of the staff being fitted into a rota. The staff are then expected to squeeze their days to fit that rota. Some care companies are worse than others, but it’s a fact of this sector that there aren’t enough carers to meet the needs of the clients. Complaining will probably result in some kind of electronic tracking system that the staff have to log in and out of each visit, which then won’t work properly, and cause them more hassle. These are observations from my experience with my Mum’s home care package. The company who looked after Mum at home are the best in her area, and even they struggle to deliver a perfect service.

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