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Just a selection of our activity supplies that mum sent us today 🙂

Evening all, just a quick post tonight to let you all know about some more activities to help stimulate your caree’s.

I met up with a colleague of my AN today who specialises in engaging activities for those with dementia and after listening me explain what sort of things nan enjoys and what she struggles with came up with some activities I can try. I thought I’d share them in case any of you are struggling to get your loved one involved. These activities can also be done with children and grand-children and can give a great sense of achievement. It is also a good way to monitor the health of your caree, as you may be able to notice a decline in abilities.

  1.  Growing vegetables-tomatoes, sweet peas and runner beans are apparently almost indestructible. So will be low maintenance. Growing vegetables can be very rewarding as you get to collect produce at the end. And to count up whose plant had the most stock. It is also a good way to get into a routine, water the plants, prune them etc. And acts a good conversation starter as well as giving caree responsibility
  2. Cress/Grass heads. Growing cress or grass in a stuffed ball of tights (possibly cotton wool, but feel free to illuminate me!). Competitions for who can grow the longest “hair”, the wackiest hair do etc.
  3. Pairing socks-very therapeutic (also suggested by a Twitter friend)
  4. Making drawer fresheners from tights and pot pourri-again therapeutic and can be used to give as gifts. Will help caree feel responsible.
  5. Finding large, simple crosswords. Photocopy half a dozen and laminate. This means when completed the answers can be rubbed out and the sheet can be re-used. Endless fun!
  6. Have a baking day. Decorate cakes. Used different coloured icing, especially for themed events such as Christmas or Halloween as this will raise awareness of big events coming up and may help it become a memory.
  7. Untangling and rewinding threads. Such a calming activity, and will help caree feel like they are helping you by sorting out that sewing box you keep meaning to get around to…
  8. Knitting can be possible, but requires a lot of thought processes at once. Nan insists she loves knitting, so I have been told to get her number 5 needles (that means nothing to me, hope the craft shop understand) as they are large enough to grasp securely but small enough to be able to knit well.
  9. Going for walks to collect craft stock, flowers, leaves or going to charity shops and boot fairs for beads, buttons, thread wool. Keep caree engaged in conversation while walking and ask them to find something “we” need.
  10. Buttons and beads are a popular choice. Can sort into colours, sizes etc. And can also be used to thread onto elastic or cotton to make jewellery or key rings as presents for loved ones.
  11. How about the good old fashioned clothes peg people? use glue to secure fabric clothing and keep them somewhere near the laundry so you can talk about the fun you had making them and maybe make some more?

Thankyou for reading, comment if you have any good activities to share with us. I’d love to find new things to keep us busy!


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