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Sodding Winter (is coming) Again

Just a brief update to let you all know I’m still here. Or we’re still here. Still getting by, just learning to adapt to my new life with a job (which by the way is fantastic). Think nan found the first few days a struggle. She is not enjoying having to share me. She also asks if I’ve had a nice day even when I’ve only popped to the shops for half an hour. Came home today and she was doing laundry, and hanging it on the clothes horse in the bathroom, not outside despite the sun. I was grateful for that. The steps outside could be dangerous but she had remembered not to go up them.

When mum called earlier, nan told her the sky was looking funny and she thought it might rain, this was about 8.45 so around the same time as the sun going down. At 9.00 she told me the nights are drawing in again. Well according to nan we’ve had our summer now guys, so get ready for winter. I had to giggle, I mean, I can hardly point out that actually we’re coming up the peak of summer can I?

On the plus side I’m beginning to understand how to make a relationship successful, just agree with everything. “Yes dear” – the most important and valuable phrase you will ever know. Just try not to be patronizing, just because your caree has dementia doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t understand your tone of voice.

Love to you all, hoping to become more regular again at the weekend.


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