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Knitting With Nan

Today nan taught me how to knit. Bless her. She was extremely patient and gave me lots of encouragement. Apart from grabbing the needles from me every time I made a mistake and insisting on showing me how to do it again. But we persevered and 2 hours later I had made 15 loops. Now here I am ten hours later with the beginnings of a tiny scarf.
Just thought some of you might enjoy watching nan knit. She didn’t struggle at all with remembering how to do it, as soon as the needles were there she started looping away. And as you can see, she concentrated!
So we have both gone to bed with a sense of achievement. Me, because I have had a part in encouraging one of nan’s old hobbies back. And nan because she’s given me a life skill (well kind of).
Handily sense of achievement will be covered in the next post, but I couldn’t resist sharing this with everyone.
Have a great evening


3 thoughts on “Knitting With Nan

  1. It’s so wonderful to see your Nan and to see her smile and hear her giggle. It’s so amazing how the arts: music, visual arts, knitting, etc. tend to survive dementia. What a gift.

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