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Knitting With Nan: Update

So far nan and I have enjoyed knitting together. Nan has been struggling with pain in her wrists though, as she is like me and refuses to stop. We each have our own knitting needles and now I’m a bit more competent nan likes to watch me.

We watched a video the other day on how to knit a hat. I thought this would be ideal for my dad’s birthday so we got started. Easy enough knit knit, knit knit. Then we had to reduce. Nan couldn’t remember how and the video wasn’t easy to understand so we just made it up.

In hindsight, that’s probably where I went wrong. Nan decided not to reduce and just carried on knitting. I however made a royal cock up and now my hat ended up looking like this:


Yes, a teeny tiny witches hat. That fits perfectly on Mickey Mouse’s head. Well at least nan got a good giggle out of it. And every time she looks at Mickey. I however feel very frustrated and will not stop until I have made the perfect beanie hat.


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