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And I Thank God I’m Alive

A good day. No scrap that. A frigging wonderful day. Started off being awakened by a call from my Admiral Nurse. Wanted to know if I’d like to meet up today. Well in about an hour. Yes I did. So scrambled out of bed and just about made it on time. I know I mention this a lot but I really do love my AN. She gives me the nudges and pushes along with a professional opinion and a cosy chat. I honestly think we need more of her around!

Anyway she was pleased to hear about nan’s involvement in recent activities and about how well work is going. She gave me a few tips about how to avoid purse hunting in the middle of the night (replica purses, make sure she has purse as putting her to bed) and encouraged me to look into advanced education because caring is something I’m good at and enjoy.

So I came home feeling pumped and finally decided to get round to the life book. I invited nan upstairs to help me do the ironing and thought she could look at photo’s while I got on, but I was far too easily distracted and so we spent 3 hours sitting chatting about the photo’s, the situations and me scribbling furiously every word nan said!

So we now have the photo’s, accompanied by some statements (which will be typed up and will follow in the next blog).

I then showed nan how to send a tweet and she loved it so much she had another go unsupervised. Such a proud carer today, and we both feel happier.

And that big black cloud of doom? He’s buggered off to where he belongs. In that pit I dug a few months ago and have recently filled in and covered up in the hopes of not falling down again.


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