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Diana, Distilled Water and the Lost Purse

So yesterday was a bit eventful. As was today so I’m playing catch up.

Mum bought us a plant in a can to nurture and love and grow. It’s a venus fly trap (Dionaea muscipula – I told nan this and she said”Diana”? And the name stuck) which nan and I know nothing about. Luckily the instructions are on the can and pretty easy to follow. Except the plant likes rain water. So last week I placed a cup outside to catch any rainfall we might have. And nan kept bringing it in (at one point she thought next door had thrown it over the fence). So I decided that idea wasn’t going to work and googled any other possibilities. I discovered that we could use distilled water, so nan and I looked up how to do this at home. Looked pretty easy (once we found the right size bowl, saucepan etc!). I encouraged nan to help me out and she was fascinated. She stood and watched the water for ages. Helpfully pointing out that nothing was happening, the water was boiling, the water was still boiling…Once we thought we had enough we waited for it to cool, nan helped me plant the seeds and we watered Diana. And now we wait.

Then we went to bed. Everything was fine, until half eleven. Nan called upstairs “Dear, I’m sorry to be a nuisance, but I can’t seem to find my purse”. I know that nan won’t sleep until it has been found. So I got out of bed (maybe slightly muttering under my breath) and helped her look. We searched in the same places three or four times, spread the search out and turned the whole of downstairs upside down. Nan was right, it was nowhere to be found. I thought “this is ridiculous, a purse can’t just disappear”. And of course it hadn’t, nan had tucked it up under her duvet. Cue many apologies and a cuddle. I did tell nan it was OK, she replied well it’s not really is it?! Erm…

Of course, it is OK to lose things. We all do, it’s not just dementia nan who moves things about. Just maybe decide it’s lost before bed.

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