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Where Are You?

So the last couple of days have been Okay-ish, not as great as they had been but we’re getting through.

Unfortunately another problem has arisen. Nan seems to be struggling with her hearing. The TV has to be turned up so loud that it is now impossible to concentrate, so nan and I hardly talk in the evenings. This is horrible, but nan mumbles a question which I can’t hear, she gets frustrated having to repeat and I get frustrated that she won’t turn the TV down for me to hear. She gets nervous if I have the remote so I can’t turn it down.

So now I am having to learn that I have to raise my voice and E NUN CEE ATE, which is tricky when I am so used to talking as I am going up the stairs, or talking to myself in the kitchen. Because nan is struggling to hear she has started following me again, constantly shouting “where are you” even when I’m only feet away. And by the time she’s got to me she’s forgotten why she’s following me, and gets cross that I have led her around for nothing.

I guess she’s constantly feeling more and more lost.

Trouble is she is reluctant to have a hearing test, I guess it’s another thing she’ll have to admit to having lost control of. So I’m just going to have to carry on innovating, and drinking Dr Pepper to get me through without pulling my hair out.

Will be posting soon about nan’s reaction to her life book, which has been fantastic, but YouTube is being so slow I’ve given up tonight.


2 thoughts on “Where Are You?

  1. I have a question for you. Does your Nan understand you better when you speak louder? Sometimes people at a certain stage of dementia begin to lose the ability to understand words. Basically, the brain begins to forget what the words mean. They may try to compensate for this by turning up the volume on thing, because that’s what they’re used to doing when they can’t understand what someone says. Another possible solution is that she may always have been a little hard of hearing, but she has been able to deal with it — hiding it from you, essentially. But, as her memory goes, she has forgotten what she used to do. I agree that a hearing evaluation is in order, but you may find that the cause of her problem is cognitive. Best of luck to you.

    • It seems she does but I am monitoring it, as I am concerned it could be the dementia. I am fairly certain it is like you said about the dementia causing her to forget how to hide it. Thankyou for the advice I shall keep everything in mind 🙂

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