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And I’m Ready For Love

We both woke up in such a glorious mood today, which after the sort of tension the last couple of days was just what we both needed. I had some cleaning to do so I put my music on, nice and loud (apologies to my neighbours). And nan and I set about dusting and tidying, while singing along quite loudly to ‘singing in the rain’ (nan gave a rather spectacular burst of energy to the line “and I’m ready for love” while I pretended to tap dance) and ‘who loves you’. As well as nan’s favourite ‘Perhaps’ and few songs from musicals.

Lovely morning and a great lunch time, nan actually ate it all with no prompting. She spent a long time laughing, properly belly laughing after I told her the man who delivers it got his bald head stuck to the flypaper. She had tears in her eyes from laughing so much. Which is unusual, and so bloody brilliant to see. And then she helped me with the ironing. Well she folded and watched me iron. Then we decided to change the tune of the doorbell, and nan had a great time guessing what the tunes were meant to be, we settled for ‘in the moonlight’ (also known as memory from cats) until it gets closer to Christmas (nan said it is too early) and then we can have Jingle Bells.

We spent the afternoon doing a puzzle, which I thought would take us about an hour. It took us FIVE! Poor nan was in charge of sorting the pieces, and she was great. Firstly into edges and middleys. Then into colours, then into how many holes and lumps. She told me she has had a lovely day, and I have to say so have I.

Almost as good as the day I had planned, watching Dr Who. Which I am doing now while nan dozes off.

So just to prove to myself (and others if you are dispairing) that dementia doesn’t have to make every day a struggle. Some of the best memories I will have of my nan have come from caring for her.


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