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Helpful Sites and Support: Part 2

I was just going to update the previous post, but then I got thinking about an easily manageable and accessible way of showing who is where so I made a spreadsheet. Which means that tatty old notebook has a few pages gone now. And my mind feels clearer.

This is a list of anyone I have had contact with, websites I have looked at for information and found helpful. Please let me know if I’ve missed any so I can add them on. The first column is the Twitter name (this is blank if I have not found the person on Twitter, please let me know if you have any!), the second is the Company name (if it is a personal account this is blank) and lastly the website/blog address.

Not all of these are dementia specific, but to any and all carers. They all get my stamp of approval.

AgingAbundantly Aging Abundantly agingabundantly.com
AAD_Training All About Dementia allaboutdementia.co.uk
AllEngageLtd All Engage Ltd allengageltd.com
ARUK_LondonSG Alzheimers Research alzheimersresearchuk.org
BeyondMemoryTC Beyond Memory Theatre Company beyondmemory.wordpress.com
Ctrying constantlytrying.webnode.com
bethyb1886 d4dementia.blogspot.co.uk
MrDarrenGormley DarrenGormley.blogspot.co.uk
Demenshare_ Demenshare demenshare.com
dragonmisery Dementia Challengers dementiachallengers.com
DementiaForward Dementia Forward dementiaforward.org.uk
Minghowriter dementiajustaintsexy.blogspot.co.uk
DementiaUK Dementia UK dementiauk.org
ZkidooKreativ design4dementia-blogspot.co.uk
AlzheimersVic Alzheimers Australia Vic fightdementia.org.au/vic
HLCLC Healthy Living Club healthylivingclub.org.uk
simonaflorio1 Healthy Living Club healthylivingclub.org.uk
UpwardParenting ingvorsen.wordpress.com
Irememberbetter Hilgos Foundation Irememberbetterwhenipaint.wordpress.com
JessiJSteele jessijsteel.wordpress.com
KateSwaffer kateswaffer.wordpress.com
legalaware Living Well With Dementia (book) legal-aware.org
LivHOMECorp Liv Home LivHomeblog.com
LoveAmybecca loveamybecca.co.uk
MyDementedMom mydementedmom.com
Dementiaskills Dementia Skills
gele_tea Gele Tea
WhoseShoes Whose Shoes nutshellcomms.co.uk
nursemaiden rayissunshine.blogspot.co.uk
SeniorHelpersMN Senior Helpers seniorhelpers.com/burnville
thealzcaregiver The Alzheimers Caregiver thealzheimerscaregiver.com
TheCottagesID The Cottages thecottages.biz
tommyNtour Tommy-on-tour-2011.blogspot.com
basiccharity Basic Charity basiccharity.org.uk
CareDirectory1 Care Directory care-directory.co.uk
CaregiverTweets CareGiver Tweets caregiverpartnership.com
CarersTweets Carers Tweets carers.org
CarersHelpCarer Carers Help Carers carershelpcarers.com
LizFaye1 Care Pal careweekly.blogspot.co.uk
CreativityCare Creativity in Care creativityincare.org
wwwframeworks4c frameworks4change.co.uk
judila416 judilevita.com
RoseHarwood1 learningdisabilitytraining.org.uk
Familychat7 Family Chat
Unfrazzle Unfrazzle unfrazzledcare.com
yeccoyoungcarer Yecco Young Carers yecco.com
Aging Care http://www.agingcare.com/Articles/what-nurses-wish-caregivers-knew-157714.htm
Talk Health Partnership http://www.talkhealthpartnership.com/
Alzheimers UK http://forum.alzheimers.org.uk/blog.php
Alzheimers UK http://shop.alzheimers.org.uk/category/daily-living-products/
DementiaFriends Dementia Friends dementia friends

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