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Brushing Off The Dust

Yes it’s been a while. I have so many subject posts to write, but while my hard drive is being cleared out I think I should update you all on nan.

I soon gave up on the idea of an itinerary. There is no way I could make my (lack of) creative brain come up with something that nan would want to read, could hold her attention, but still be informing her of things she could/should be doing while I’m not there to prompt. Giving up on it made me feel a bit, I don’t know, I wouldn’t go so far as to say I felt like a failure. It was just another thing I felt I’d let nan down on.

But it turns out it would have been useless anyway. I’ve expecting a drop in nan’s memory, an acceleration in the dementia for a while. The peak was riding a little too high. And so it came full on this week.

Nan has started forgetting whether I am in or out of the house, and so she locked me out while I was at work at the weekend, thinking I was upstairs. Not a problem as I had keys, but she used to sit up and wait for me. Now if she can’t see me she assumes I’m gone.

Which has brought back the infuriating (sorry, but it really is) behaviour of dementia nan following me absolutely everywhere. We had managed to overcome this in the past by me inviting her with me, leaving doors open and constantly talking to her from the kitchen etc. Now she shuts the doors behind me, and then comes back two minutes later to question endlessly whatever it is I’m doing. And it’s even when I’m on the loo. What are my plans? Am I having lunch? Am I going out? Am I busy? My plans are to finish toileting, I will not be having lunch on the toilet, nor will I leave the house while toileting. And yes. I am busy.

Writing about it is making me giggle. She asked me if I’d like a sausage today. While I was on the toilet. I couldn’t answer for guffawing so loudly so she had a strop. What kind of a person could honestly answer that question whilst sitting on the loo?


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