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I Just Called To Say…

…”Hello my name is John and I’m calling from National Accident Helpline”
….”Hello my name is David and I’m calling from National Accident Helpline”

After several of these calls the last couple of days (seven today and yesterday) I am unashamed I truly lost it down the phone to John/Dave (pretty sure it was the same guy anyway).

The first time he called I explained very politely we had not had any accidents and would like our number to removed from the system. We ended up having a dispute, I mentioned I was a carer for the home owner and so he refused to speak to me, insisting he needed to speak to the home owner. I politely explained she had dementia and so any deals to be done were to be done through me. And that as neither of us has had an accident could he not call again. We went through the same conversation FOUR TIMES! Before I hung up, frustrated that still, no one seems to accept a carer’s point in life.

Every time he has called since I have told him to remove our number before giving him a chance to speak and then hung up. What annoys me is how they keep calling, I have a feeling they are hoping to catch nan when I am not there so they can scam her. I dread to think what nan would agree to if she answered, she can barely understand a London accent, let alone an Indian one.

But the seventh call tonight was too much. I shouted, I swore and I threatened to shred his telephone line if he calls again. Have reported National Accident Helpline as a Spam company, but I doubt this will achieve anything as even being on the “list” hasn’t helped.

I appreciate everyone needs a job, but if some one says no, they tend to mean no.

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