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Pour Myself A Cup Of Ambition

So I’ve actually missed writing but a few outside factors have interfered with me updating as regularly as I would like. Firstly dementia nan is making more frequent appearances, so nan and I are having to make adjustments. Secondly I’ve been living MY life. I spent a whole day out with a friend, popped home to make dinner and then went back out to the cinema for the night. Then I did the memory walk, and thanks to every one who donated, we raised £220. Which has spurred me on to do more to raise awareness and funds for dementia, alzheimers and carers charities and organisations. Let me know if you can think of any funny, original ideas for my next challenge. Then of course I had my well needed trip to Disneyland!

So the dementia. Hasn’t been a barrel of laughs but there have been highlights, like covering each others faces in chocolate mousse. Just because. Of course there are the down sides, nan is struggling to remember the names of anyone in the family that she doesn’t talk to everyday, and you can see it pains her to admit she’s struggling. And as winter is nearly upon us we have started back up with the “looks like rain” comments, and the daily fights about the heating. However I am coping much better than last year and am learning to let the frustrations slide right off. It helps that I am finding more balance, more time for myself and not feeling so guilty about work or socialising. The world hasn’t ended yet! Nan is finding day to day life harder, I’ve noticed her struggling more with where things are, how to start a task and generally requiring a bit more prompting. But we’re working round it.

Archery helped, and I’m entering a competition in a couple of weeks. Seriously doubt I’ll be any good as I hadn’t shot for three months but it’ll be nice to get back on track.

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