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Who The F**k Is Neil?

This is a question I have been asking myself over and over tonight. I got in from work and nan had left me a note to say Neil had called round.

Wonderful. But I’m not sure I know a Neil! Of course she couldn’t remember what he looked like, or what he had knocked for. But when I checked she had some money missing. And so of course she was getting worked up, despite me trying to keep it all behind her back.

It may of course be completely innocent. Neil may be completely harmless, but when you care for someone and these things happen it really does put you off of ever leaving the house.

That would be ridiculous however. Tempted as I am to lock nan in and wrap her in bubblewrap it won’t do either of us any good limiting our freedoms. I’d like to think she learns from her mistakes, but now she can’t remember anything happening today at all.

Which I’m grateful for, I’d rather she felt calm and peaceful (someone should). But I wish there was a way to stop her letting any old random in (this happened yesterday when she let a fella in, just because he knew my name. Fortunately it was harmless but did lead to me talking to someone I should probably should have kept in the past).


2 thoughts on “Who The F**k Is Neil?

  1. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to prevent Nan from opening the door to any “friendly” person. You could hang a sign “Please don’t knock, the baby is napping.” Take her name off her mailbox.
    My mother lived alone at the end of a long driveway, deep in the woods, I knew, she too, let in any “friendly” stranger. She bought every magazine subscription and greeting card they sold. All I could do was pray, that she was only coerced out of money, not her life.

    • Yes, I thank the stars whenever something like that happens that it was only material things. I am in some way relieve that she forgets as it means she can sleep well. Its just the rest of us left with worry! Tempted to do the baby napping thing! Very good advice thanks 🙂 xx

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