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Beautiful Dawn

Nothing much to report here, nan and I are cruising along after her dip. Slight adjustments made and wine in stock. Not that I recommend getting drunk every night, but a glass certainly helps us both keep off each others toes. Except when nan  was teaching me to dance yesterday. Definitely a few toes trodden on. And my dancing skills have not improved whatsoever.

It has struck me how easy I have it with nan, how low maintenance she really is. Other people have other family members to care for, underlying problems with themselves, further developed dementia’s to cope with. And I whinge because nan can’t find her glasses.

I have a great support network, friends that won’t let me become a recluse, work that helps me understand dementia and a boss who is incredibly supportive. And there are some people who feel so alone. I’ve realised just how lucky I am right now and it’s making waking up each morning that much easier (even when I’ve had 4 hours sleep due to the Dr Who song racing through my head).

Please, please if you ever feel like you’re struggling, or have a question, or just fancy a chat drop me a comment on here, follow me on twitter @wandererkirsty or email me kirstyelgar@aol.com . I can’t guarantee I can answer your question, or make you feel any better, but I can help you realise you’re not alone, you’re never alone. And I have a pretty nifty group of virtual friends who probably can answer your question.

Another great way to find answers to any questions you may have about dementia would be to submit them here: http://livhomeblog.com/homecare-hangout/#sthash.Kz9jBxAS.dpbsHere I will be joining a group (of rather esteemed panellists) to do a LIVE (oh dear, me and live speaking, I’ll have to get all my swear words out the way before I start) webchat.

Much love to each and every one of you who has read, shared, talked about, sponsored, supported me and others in this fight to raise awareness for dementia.


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