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Purple Angels

Image So pretty exciting news all round!

I am chuffed to announce that along with 50 others worldwide I have been select to become a Purple Angel ambassador, thus helping me continue to raise awareness of dementia and its effects. I will be completely honoured to meet Norman, who has been such a fantastic pioneer of dementia awareness and who writes amazingly honest posts about his own experiences with dementia here: http://tdaa.co.uk/norms-pages/ 

Norman also had some other fantastic news for us which can be read in full here: http://tdaa.co.uk/free-gps-re-dementia/ The majority of cost for a tracking device for a patient with dementia who may be prone to wandering will be paid by the council. the caree, or loved ones simply pay the monthly upkeep cost (very much like a mobile phone bill). You may remember a while ago I wrote about a tracking device I had been able to sample and the benefits of such a device. It really is brilliant news that thanks to Norman and his hard work, more people will be able to breath easy, knowing their loved one could easily be found if needs be. Lets hope that with the work of our worldwide angels, this will become a global scheme.


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