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Yes We Can

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” -Walt Disney

So after the horrendous day yesterday I was keen to make things better today. Nan and I had a lovely morning interacting about the television. I popped off to work, had a phone call that there had been another letter from the bank. Asked nan to leave it on the table for me to sort when I got back. Got back and she had hidden the letter and called the bank.
Trouble was it was clearly dementia nan who had hidden the letter, dementia nan thinks I am stealing! And so dementia nan wasn’t talking to me when I got home. I went upstairs, screamed into a pillow and bashed my head on the floor.
Started making dinner and got nan involved, coercing nan to come back out and leave dementia nan behind. This led to a bit of an upsetting conversation. Nan told me she thinks its unfair that after everything else she has, that she has dementia. She asked if she would always be like this.
And I had to be honest. So I said yes, but that it wasn’t a problem, because that was the reason I became qualified in dementia care, the reason I research so much, the reason I blog, the reason I wanted to become a Purple Angel Ambassador so that I could help her and others live past it. She told me it wasn’t fair on me. I disagreed, it what’s I want to do. It has become my absolute passion and raising awareness and removing the stigma and perceptions of dementia (along with other mental illnesses) is the only thing I can see myself doing for the rest of my life. That I am grateful to her for letting me write and explore her dementia with her.
And yes Purple Angels, carers, carees and all you other lovely folk, we can make a difference. We can achieve what we want to because now is the time. We have all been brought together and we can have such a long lasting impact on the world. It will be hard, there will be bumps and walls and pits. But the time is right, I can feel it. And after all, I am the chosen one 😉 (Thanks Twitter)
Then after all this I took part in Google Hangout, which I am tempted to do more of, let me know if you want a chat! The full conversation can be viewed here:
Unfortunately there were technical difficulties so I could not join until 10 minutes in, and I was left feeling very lonely as a few others were left out from the chat but I overcame my stage fright and managed to chip in!
Thankyou once again all of you for reading and sharing. I don’t think I say enough how much every view means to me, that the word is slowly spreading and people may be learning more about the truth of dementia
Much love to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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