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Bloody Red Bank

Thank goodness I checked this one over before I hit publish, quite a few strong expletives have had to be edited out!

So nan got another letter last Wednesday. And goodness knows what she’d been up to, as she had hidden the letter. That’s a sure sign dementia nan has been causing trouble. Luckily I found it and gave a heads up to my mum, because lo and behold when mum tried to pay for the window cleaner for the new house she couldn’t. Once again nan’s account had been blocked. Thank God my mum has savvy. She went straight to her local branch manager of red bank, who thankfully was the same lovely gentleman who had granted nan the loan. Two hours later said manager was going garrity down the phone and the inept department in charge of blocking accounts.

Would you not have thought that after my aggro and kicking off last week they would have put a note on the system that everything was fine and there was a complaint in place?

Would you not have thought that as mum is joint account holder with nan they would have had to have rung her before the account was frozen?

Would you not have thought that as mum has POA, and this has been highly documented they would have taken less notice of what nan said (sorry nan, that sounds harsh, but I cannot think of a way to phrase it). Especially considering this happened only a few days previous and led to a 3 hour conversation with various departments of said bank?!?!

Honestly, I was fuming. And not at nan, or dementia nan. But the blatant ignorance of the call centre of red bank. Clearly the manager knows what he is doing.

But my advice? If you have POA, bank somewhere other than red bank. Unless you enjoy being passed back and forth from idiot to idiot, listening to enraging “uplifting music” and being completely fobbed off. In that case go ahead.


2 thoughts on “Bloody Red Bank

  1. we’re dealing with something similar. Gram surrendered her VISA card and her chequebook when she was still in early stages because she knew she was messing up financially. she went into the bank and ordered a new VISA. i’ve worked in call centres. most systems allow you to tag accounts…for instance: “So-and-so has Alzheimer’s. All decisions require permission from So-and-so AND POA.” not that hard, people. besides, we’re just going to cancel this card too and they just wasted postage and plastic and hours of administration that could’ve been saved. *sigh*

    • Yes I thought it was possible to tag accounts. Ergh, so much unnecessary stress for everybody! I don’t enjoy shouting at them, I’m sure they don’t enjoy being shouted at. But really!!!
      Many hugs xxx

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