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Nan’s Memory Book

So we finally finished it. Well by we I mean I snuck it upstairs to put some finishing touches to it. And I must say it looks great. I want one!

Here are some photo’s and statements that I managed to record as nan was looking through. And it was great re-seeing that first reaction all over again, something I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of 🙂
IMG_0746 “This book is so pretty. I like it” When nan saw the picture of herself she laughed and said “Oh no!” And covered it up. As she was reading the favourites page she laughed again, agreed with all of them and then said “I think you know me!”

IMG_0747When nan saw the picture of her grandad she said “aww grandad, hmm lovely” Then she saw the picture of her mum and said “she was unpleasant, and that’s understatement”.

IMG_0748Looking back on pictures and phrases I had heard her say about her childhood she said “oh crumbs” (that is my nan’s catchphrase) “Yes that’s right not seen, not heard and certainly no pocket money. Nope”

IMG_0749Reading about the activities she did at school, and then I got a new story “One thing I did was nearly knocked myself out. I jumped up to the wall and then fell back! Oh dear!”

IMG_0750As nan looked through the picture of her class, she traced her finger over every person and when she had done she asked “I wonder where they all are now?” This photo captures nan reading the letter of recommendation from her headmistress.

IMG_0752 “You think they would have cut the grass” Nan’s first words at seeing her wedding photo. Guessing that’s a bit of a sore point?

Once nan had finished the book she ran her hands over it and kept repeating “amazing innit (I apologise for ruining nan’s eloquent speech with my own rough tongue, but this is how she speaks now. Far too long in my company) when you look back. Amazing innit”

I think I can say it was a success, and shall continue to be. I am so glad I made it with nan, and once again recommend everybody does one with their family members and loved ones. As Pocahontas said “You’ll learn things you never knew, you never knew”


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