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Nan needed rather a lot of distraction today. Some blokes turned up to dig up her house (well really they were putting a new stopcock in, but if 3 blokes show up in your front garden with a pneumatic drill you panic, dementia only worsens that I should imagine).

I went and had a chat with the lads, they were very nice and reasonable when I asked about what they were doing so I could reassure nan. Then I made them a cup of tea. When nan saw me making the tea she calmed down. I guess in her mind she realised if I was making tea for them they couldn’t be evil. But she was still clearly agitated. So out came the cards, we went into a different room so she couldn’t see them. And ten minutes later she was calm and laughing.

That may be because she absolutely thrashed me at cards today. I noticed a decline in her ability to grasp the rules, or stick to playing one game at once. We started with Rummy (she won 2-1). We played the memory game (not with the whole deck, just 1-5. She won 1-0). We then played Snap! And Beat Your Neighbour out of doors. I guess it’s partly my fault for throwing so many games her way, should have stuck to one. But every time two cards with the same value showed up she snatched them. Every time she saw a card she wanted, she took it. If I tried to join in I wasn’t allowed because I had to put some cards on her king. Needless to say she won whatever game that was hands down.

Still, she enjoyed it. And I’m learning to not be such a bad loser.


2 thoughts on “Snummy

  1. Just seen this, you are hilarious Kirsty! We had similar issues with my mum-in-law, they were a great card-playing family. Sadly, she became embarrassed and anxious about making mistakes and refused to keep playing. How lovely that you have found a way to continue to engage your Nan with the activity, making sure it’s still fun and a positive experience for her, and adapting it to so she can still succeed. Even though it does mean that you have to be very flexible with the rules, swallow your pride and lose big time! 🙂 xx

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