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Bloody Bloody Red Bank

Yes, another blog post about the ineptitude of the idiots working at the Red Bank.

I received a letter today about my complaint. This letter has made me crosser than ever for so many reasons. So here is a bullet point list. This post today is more about stress relief for me before I or mum tackle the issue.

1) “Unfortunately, I have been unable to speak with you” – Yes, you have. Please do not write to me and make me feel like I have caused some kind of inconvenience, for you to have to *shock horror* write a letter!!!!!! I explained on the phone that a phone call was what triggered off the issues and I do not appreciate you insinuating I am being difficult (maybe I am reading too much into the wording because I am so majorly and royally hacked off).

2) a) The bloody recap of my complaint: “you were unhappy” (obviously, people don’t complain if they are happy)
b) “your mother ********* (nans name)” How many times? She is my grandmother. Not my mother.
c) “loan monies…had not been sent to the nominated bank account” Now I know you weren’t listening, my issue is not that you had not sent the money, it was that you had taken it back
d) “Your mother suffers from dementia” No, she doesn’t, my nan does. See point b)
e) “You were concerned the loan amount had been withdrawn” No, I was not concerned. I knew it had and I was livid.
f) “You have Power of Attorney on the bank account” No, no, no. My mother has Power of Attorney. Would you like a family tree? I mean I know a grandkid looking after a grandparent is a tricky concept but really!!! See points b) and d)
g) “I can confirm I have checked the bank account and the loan was sent” Yes we have established that this was not my issue, I told you on the phone we had received it. I even gave you a date. See point c)
h) “We have not withdrawn the loan monies from this bank account and this loan is still in force” What The Actual F**k?! I did not spend 3 hours on the phone convincing your staff to look a bit deeper for you not to do your effing research. It looks like it is still there but if you did your job and dug a little deeper you would see quite clearly that this account is now overdrawn.
i) “Unfortunately the incorrect account number was input on the direct debit form” I give up, I actually give up.
j) “In light of the above, as I cannot see that ********* (red bank) has made any errors…”You are actually joking? YOU HAVE MADE 9 ERRORS JUST IN ONE EFFING LETTER. THAT DOES NOT BODE WELL FOR YOUR ERRORS IN THE LOAN APPLICATION/WITHDRAWAL DOES IT?!?!?!?!?!?!

But thanks for the leaflet referring to the Financial Ombudsman, we most certainly will be making use of this. You absolute giant nincompoops (I really really really want to use stronger language, but lets keep things mildly friendly eh?)


3 thoughts on “Bloody Bloody Red Bank

  1. Calm down dear πŸ™‚ Frankly, I’ve had just as bad a day, thanks to my cousin! I was “ambushed” on the way back home from the shops by four people, all because I owe her a “small” amount of money for her garage (lucky she even got it, as I was executor to her late mother’s will!). Anyway, these four people, one was my cousin, who I very politely ignored, thrust two solicitor’s letters into my hand! I said thank you, and carried on my way. Part of the letter stated, “we understand your Mother is unwell” – sorry, there’s unwell, and there’s dementia, which, as you know, Mum has, along with a number of other conditions!

    To cut a long story short, an incident involving my cousin, occurred in our home, in February this year, where, as a result of her selfish, self-centred actions, caused considerable distress to Mum.

    Anyway, after today’s episode I contacted my cousin’s solicitor by email, and received a terse reply. So I just told him, please inform your client I am now about to commence proceedings against her for intentional harassment, distress or alarm. A summary criminal offence. Somewhat more serious than owing a family member a small amount of money. There, rant over! πŸ™‚

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