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Moving Day(s)


So today’s the day. Moving day. Still not sure how I feel about it, I mean I know for me it’s not permanent, but I’m struggling with the idea of leaving everybody. Still, I want to keep spirits up for nan as I know today will be hard for her. Mum came up to help the removal men pack up and I took nan out so she didn’t have to see all her stuff being put away. We ended up at Notcutts, and they had their Christmas displays up. It was gorgeous, nans face lit up, and I wouldn’t be surprised if mine did too. The Christmas trees and decorations were stunning, and nan fell in love with a penguin garden light. I fell in love with a massive polar bear, who was standing in the perfect position for a hug, he got quite a few.

While we were out we were informed that the red bank had yet again blocked nan’s account for fraud. Seriously!?!?!?!?!

We went to see the pets for sale and then came home, nan shed a few tears saying goodbye to the house, which I think we can all understand. Mum took nan in her car and I followed, which meant I could shed a little tear as I started to feel homesick halfway. It also meant I could sing loudly, but I did get a bit bored. 4 and a half hours with no one to talk to!

When we got to the holiday cottage we will be staying at while mum unpacks all our stuff dementia nan made an appearance. She didn’t want to live in Somerset anymore, and she doesn’t know why she’s been driven all this way. When mum told her that this was where she lived nan did seem to calm a bit, but for the rest of the evening I was bombarded by the same questions over and over and over. Needless to say my patience ran out, and luck was on my side. None of the clocks in the house had been turned back so I managed to convince nan it was 10pm and she was in bed asleep by 10 past. Bliss. I then turned the clocks back and stayed up til midnight winding down and trying to get my head around everything.

Then of course I couldn’t sleep, partly down to the sheer number of spiders, partly because I can never sleep the first night in a strange house, partly down to over tiredness. So I stayed up reading trashy magazines until 4. Then woke up every half hour.


Nan finally woke up at 9.15 this morning. I made tea and toast, but it took me a while to get the energy up to talk. So nan thought she had done something wrong. Had to explain it wasn’t her I just can’t talk right now. So now mum and my sister are unpacking nan’s life while nan and I sit in the holiday cottage admiring the views. Waiting for the rain to stop so we can go for a wander round the grounds.

It’s easy to imagine staying here, just to get my writing done. I was working on some fiction but it keeps getting pushed to the back of the line. But here, it’s hard not to feel inspired, we are surrounded by Exmoor hills, and 10 minutes down the road there’s a beach.

Only problem at the moment is that there’s no internet. And honestly, I’m struggling. No Facebook! No Twitter! No emails! No #dementiachallengers, no #merrymen. I’m worried how I’m going to cope without my support network. And at the moment, no dr pepper. So I’m currently living off hot chocolate. It’s not quite hitting the spot but I still feel in control. For now.

Nan forgot how to make tea today. Well not how to make it, but the things required for it. Then she insisted she has sugar in her tea. This was news to me, and we didn’t have any so she had to go without. She drank it without complaining so I assume the sugar (or lack thereof) was not an issue.

Nan also decided today that she always has a coffee before bed. I had to do a lot of sweet talking to get her not to have a coffee at half ten. As if my days aren’t long enough, nan wants to be up buzzing through the night. I’m all for free choice. But no.


After a very lazy start mum took us to see nan’s house. And it is gorgeous. All credit goes to mum and sister for the hard work unpacking all nan’s things and rearranging the front room so nan can see the sea all day.

Understandably nan has been confused, got lost looking for her bedroom, insisted on a night time coffee (distracted with talk of Wales and ushered to bed) but has been beaming all day. And insists I look at the sea every 5 minutes. I’m not sure when that’ll get old but for the moment I’m perfectly happy to admire the views. And she’s definitely coping better than I thought she would (or am I speaking too soon? It would appear so as nan has taken this as an ideal moment to get out of bed….Found nan in the living room looking for her bed, she’d been round the house shutting all the doors but she is back tucked up, and now so am I).

So all in all I think we can say the move has been a success, but as always I shall keep you updated

Love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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