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Pro’s and Con’s

10/11/13 – continuing the diary of nan’s move

Con: Nan got lost in the house last night and started opening all the doors and wandering about the rooms. This made me very glad I had made the pre-emptive move of locking the front door.

Con: Nanny woke up this morning and asked how we got here. She couldn’t remember moving at all. I told her she was lucky for that as it had been bloody stressful for me and mum.

Pro: Because nan couldn’t remember getting here it meant she got to see the sea view for the first time again this morning.

Pro: She got drunk at lunch and was absolutely hilarious.

Con: She got drunk at lunch and then got a headache and was cross all afternoon

Pro: Nan has finally remembered the cats name.

Con: Nan still struggles with making tea, and remembering milk is kept in the fridge. She is also still insistent she has a coffee before bed…

One thought on “Pro’s and Con’s

  1. Glad she is with you and that you can appreciate the pros! I imagine that the move must have been very stressful. Hope all goes as well as it can.

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