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Ride The Waves


Today wasn’t brilliant. Nan woke up once again convinced I wasn’t talking to her, which made me feel foul. So I spent an hour and a half in the bath after breakfast. Having given nan her tablets I assumed she would have been OK. But no, get out of the bath and she’s about to take some more. Had to intervene. Told her she’d already taken them. She told me it wouldn’t hurt (the doctor agreed but said try not to make it a regular occurrance). So I’ve taken them and hidden them. And feel bad because I feel like I’m taking away what control she had.

On the plus side, she hasn’t half got nimble getting round the new house. It means a lot of fidgeting, lots of doors opening and closing but she’s happy pottering.

Unfortunately I was like a bear with a sore head so spent much of the day holed up not talking to anyone. I even went for a walk to cheer myself up but to no avail. We both went to bed in grumpy moods, because nan with dementia has become very empathetic. Whatever anyone else is feeling, she feels. And then I feel guilty because she shouldn’t feel bad just because I’m a grump.


Both woke up chirpy. Not much to comment on today. Except for the following. I can’t stand being followed so am very grateful for an afternoon out tomorrow. Otherwise it’s just constant watching, and it makes me feel antsy. Even just watching television I seem to be being stared at. Which has led to me retreating back to my room for an hour.
My little sister took nan out for a 5 minute walk while I painted some furniture, apparently nan had strange men blowing kisses at her through the window! Such a floozy. She also offered to be my pimp but that’s another story for another day!


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