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The Soup That Broke The Camel’s Back

I snapped. I think we all saw that coming. Thankfully managed not to snap at nan, just at the floor boards in the kitchen. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

As mentioned I’ve been feeling low and cranky, I’ve verbally abused strangers for shoving me, and not text anyone and tried to retreat into a bubble. Not entirely sure what specifically brought it on, I suppose everything has sunk in and with the added pressure of not sleeping and being bunged up full of snot I’d had enough.

So I walked into the kitchen and there was vegetable soup dripping from one of the cupboards. Upon further investigation I found the cupboard was dripping not only vegetable soup, but also tomato soup and tea. Turns out nan has been tipping things she doesn’t want down the sink with no plumbing. For some reason this made me freak. I told nan not to disturb me, slammed the kitchen door and mopped and wiped and dabbed. Until i realised the extent of soup damage and saw it soaking into the floorboards. So I hit them. Obviously. It hurt. And did nothing to help the mess. So I shouted at them for being so useless and then mopped again.

Everything is clean, and nan has been informed politely with added note not to use the sink. But I really wish she could use her eyes (read the common sense post from yesterday) and put two and two together. It’s making life very tricky.


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