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Make Them Laugh

As last words from someone go I guess “make them laugh” is a pretty good thing to have. It’s weird how you can know someone for a relatively short period of time, and become so close to them. Hearing of someones passing is never easy, but if you’ve established a bond with them it can be a tricky time. I’m glad I got to say goodbye before I left, and I hope she knows how much I really did love her. And how grateful I am for her last words to me. They were words of encouragement to make new friends, I was concerned as I find it difficult, and she said as long as I was myself I’d be fine. Make them laugh. Of course when I was told of her passing I cried, but I know she’d have hated that.

So really it’s thanks to her that today has been such a good day. I feel wrong saying it like that, but I know she’d rather I was doing what I love and enjoying things rather than moping after her. Nan and I woke up, I told nan I was feeling morose after some bad news, and she insisted on doing things to cheer me up. So we talked about Christmas, we listened to Christmas songs, we wrote cards, we wrapped presents, we put the tree up.

After lunch nan asked me 6 times about getting her some cards to write, and 8 times about presents from her. The mood I’ve been in recently this could have really flipped me, but it made me smile. She’s really getting into Christmas, so much she wants to do it over and over.

I guess “I wish it could be Christmas everyday” is kind of appropriate?


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