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Admiral Nurses

As I previously mentioned, Admiral Nurses are amazing. In my opinion we need a great deal more of them. If you haven’t hear of them I’ll outline what they do and what makes them so integral to me and nan and then you can go and hunt one down, as I will be doing since I have heard that there are not a great deal of them in Somerset.

Admiral Nurses are named after Admiral Joe (Joseph Levy) who had vascular dementia and was a keen sailor. Dementia UK work in partnership with the NHS to provide, train, develop, and promote Admiral Nurses.

They offer completely personalised support for family carers and the person with dementia. For me this was a coffee every few weeks to get me out of the house and to talk about anything I was struggling with. They are un-judgemental, so you can be completely honest about your struggles and frustrations. They help promote well-being and can put you in touch with necessary organisations for extra equipment or support. The Admiral Nurses will liaise with other professionals and organisations to ensure that the necessary support is implemented and used efficiently.

They offer skilled person centred assessments of the needs of family carers and individuals with dementia. Psychological support is provided to help family carers and people with dementia understand and deal with their feelings, and mostly you are made to feel that those feelings ARE OK!

They give any relevant information in the right amount of detail and in a way that can be easily understood for both individuals with dementia, their families and carers. Along with information they share practical advice that can be implemented around the house e.g. colouring in the red lights on the heating control pad so Nan can’t see it’s on and turn it off and vice versa! And I can honestly say from experience that this will develop your skills and really improve your caregiving.

They will also be running therapeutic, psycho educational and social support groups for family carers in your local area. A great place to meet others in the same situation and to get new perspectives on any struggles you have.

They can work with any age and any form of dementia.

So if this sounds like something you need in your life, I seriously recommend you find one! Details on how to do this are below:

To find out more about Admiral Nurses in your area email direct@dementiauk.org or phone 08452579406 (Admiral Nursing DIRECT)

To find out more about Dementia UK email info@dementiauk.org or phone 02078747200


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