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Food Hygiene

Food hygiene:

–          Every year 5.5 million people will get food poisoning, 200 of those will die.

–          Germs travel quicker through the air e.g. coughing sneezing

–          Food poisoning symptoms include fever, nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea

–          The kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in the house, burns, cuts, shocks and food poisoning

–          Wash hands for 15-20 seconds before: starting food prep, eating or handling meds. Between: handling raw foods. After: handling raw foods, going to the toilet, coughing, sneezing, toughing hair/face, touching rubbish, smoking, gardening and handling pets

–          Bacteria on hands doubles after toileting

–          Bacteria live for 3h

–          1000x more bacteria in the damp

–          Bacteria thrive under long fingernails

–          Right handed people tend to wash their left hand more thoroughly and vice versa

–          Millions of bacteria live under rings watches and bracelets. Can also be found on clothes, skin, bags, gardens, air, food (everywhere)

–          A 1mm hair follicle can harbour 50000 bacteria

–          Put lids on hot liquids before moving

–          Use over gloves and replace them regularly

–          Don’t touch food

–          Don’t carry more plates than you can carry

–          Cut and pour away from you

–          Use sharp knives as dull ones can slip, keep hadles free from grease

–          Wash knives separately and put away immediately. Don’t put them in soapy water

–          Keep hair clean and tied back, don’t brush hair in a kitchen/dining area

–          If you have any of the following avoid cooking/take extra precautions: sore throat, infection, wound, sickness, diarrhoea, sneezing, coughing

–          When shopping buy a smaller amount of perishables so they don’t waste. Follow storage and cooking instructions, bruisables on top, freeze/fridge straight away, avoid putting in warm places, cool boxes, keep raw foods, fruit, cooked, chilled etc separate

–          Food contamination=food poisoning

–          Is food in the right place? Fridge/freezer. At the right temp? 4degrees/-12degrees. For the right time?

–          Freezer stars: *=1 week, **=2 weeks, ***=3 months

–          Don’t leave meat/dairy out to warm

–          Don’t put open cans in the fridge

–          Don’t re-use foil or film

–          Don’t overload fridge/freezer as cold air cant circulate

–          Regularly check dates

–          Use by-never use after. Best before-Can use but taste alters

–          Date and description on leftovers

–          Don’t handle raw/cooked foods or mix utensils

–          Wash fruit and veg thoroughly

–          Dispose any food that may have come into contact with pests

–          If not prepped/stored correctly these foods have the highest risk: cooked meat, cooked poultry, egg products, dairy, seafood, cream cakes, cooked rice and raw meat.

–          Ecoli symptoms include: stomach cramps, ab pain, diarrhoea. As the toxins increase stools become more watery and then bloody. Elderly are more at risk


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