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Hot n Cold

Staying safe in hot weather and cold:


–          Symptoms of sunstroke/heat stroke include rashes, fatigue, dizziness, headache, fever, nausea, difficulty breathing, muscle spasms, sweating, cold pale flushed skin, rapid or weak pulse

–          Lie down in a shaded breezy area and loosen clothing

–          Drink small amounts of water every 15-20 mins

–          Schedule outings in cooler hours, or short breaks

–          Wear loose light clothing

–          Avoid salty foods


–          Remove stings by scraping gently sideways with edge of a credit card as this will avoid spreading venom

–          Reduce swelling and itching with an ice pack and damp cloth

–          Pennies help


–          Elderly have less body fat to protect them from cold, illnesses, meds and age can make them more susceptible

–          Wear loose thin layers,

–          Keep dry and drink caffeine free drinks

–          Use blankets and warm water to warm up (those microwave beanie things are a god send)


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