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Moving and Handling

Moving and Handling:

–          Avoid as much as practical

–          4 in 5 adults have back pain at some time in their lives

–          A strain=stretch or tear in muscle-caused by lifting too heavy, working too hard, repetitive motionS

–          A sprain=tear of ligaments at joint. Cause by trips.falls

–          10lbs extra weight on abs=100lbs extra pressure on spine


–          Aload=animate or inanimate oject to be handled _> handling= moving, lowering, pushing or pulling

–          Carry out a risk assessment, task-special training? Harmful to preganant? Joints?
Individual need-Age? Pain? Cognitively aware? Communication barrier?
Load-Bulk, size, shape, fragility-how long? How often? How heavy?
Environment-space? Steps? Lighting? Obstacles? Equipment?

–          Back pain can be caused by twisting, bending, stooped posture or poor standing posture

–          Before moving ask yourself: is it necessary? Where is it going? Will I need to change position? Remove obstructions. Stable base- Soften knees and hips, feet flat on floor. Hold object close to body with palms and tighten stomach. Head up, chin in. Bend knees. Don’t squat/stoop. Turn with feet not back or hips. Push don’t pull heavies.

–          Try not to manually lift a caree as should encourage them to be as independent as possible.

–          If a caree is falling try to guide them to the ground protecting their head. Don’t try to catch them or pick them up. Cover them with a blanket, call 999, reassure them and make them comfy

–          Showers are generally safer than baths.


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