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Sleeping Problems

As a carer I have to admit I have gone days, weeks, months without a decent nights sleep. Sometimes I sleep well, other times I cannot switch my brain off. Most times though I feel more energised at bedtime than I do all day. I picked up a brochure at the GP’s and thought I’d share some of with you in case you are having the same problems (Do not start drinking excessively or taking painkillers to help you sleep, that is a slippery slope that none of us should start on).

It is normal to have trouble sleeping at some point in your life, especially during what can be testing times for you emotionally as well as physically. The problem is the less sleep you get the more stressed you get about it, making your body raise its endorphins and making it harder for you to sleep.

There could be many reasons for problems sleeping, if you are concerned you should go see your GP, they are there to help. But of course you could try these 3 more natural remedies first:
– Cammomile tea
– Lavender drops/candle
– Orgasm

Causes: ageing, medical reasons, stress/anxiety/worry, depression/low mood, surroundings, disrupted routine.

Ask yourself:
Are you having trouble getting to sleep? Staying asleep? Waking too early? Poor quality sleep?

Are you worrying about not getting enough sleep? Try and remind yourself it will not hurt you, you know it will happen eventually, listen to something calming with your eyes shut, this can be just as effective as sleep for your body to rest. Don’t watch the clock. Tell yourself it really doesn’t matter. Daydream about pleasant things instead. Force your eyes to stay open, you may find double bluffing your body works.

If you suspect it is medically related go to the GP

If it is emotional worries, talk to someone about your concerns, keep a diary, write down your worries and burn them. Or write a solution and the steps you need to take it. Write any obstacles and how you could overcome them, then spend half an hour winding down, and remind yourself that worrying doesn’t solve anything.

If you have trouble falling asleep, after about half an hour get up and do something restful but productive, e.g lists, knitting…

Is it too noisy, dark, quiet, loud, hard, soft, partner or lack of partner?

Don’t eat or drink caffeine withing 4 hours of bedtime, don’t smoke for 4h before bed

Make sure your bed is only associated with sleep and or sex. Don’t watch tv, eat etc.


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