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slips trips and falls

Slips, Trips and Falls:

–          Commonest injuries in the home. 60% of fatal falls happen at home. 20% of those who fear falling limit their daily activity (1 in 3 elderly people will fall each year).

–          Use handrails

–          Avoid fast movement, especially round corners and stairs

–          Don’t kick obstacles out the way, pick them up and move them

–          Wash floors properly and don’t leave pools of water

–          Wear proper shoes

–          Look out for sharp objects

–          Don’t leave cords trailing

–          Watch where you’re going

–          Ice and snow can pose a risk so take extra care. Also with uneven steps or flooring.

–          Don’t block your view with bulky objects when carrying

–          Unsecure rugs and carpets?

–          Carry sharp objects pointing down (and don’t run with them)

–          Clear up spillages

–          Make sure there is adequate lighting

–          Never climb on furniture


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