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Things to bear in mind

1) Don’t try and stop them just because something not done properly
2) don’t exclude them from conversations/decisions
3) Caring is not controlling. no bossiness
4) who is it a problem for? us/them? don’t scold/argue. go with the flow
5) give choice and celebrate what can do
6) spot and change cause of agitation
7) enter and affirm their world
8) reach out, cherish and respect the person behind the dementia (Barbara Pointon)

Treat caree as you would want to be treated, compliment, ask for opinion, don’t argue, do with not for, don’t embarrass, show empathy.

Anger or agitation can be caused by: tired, have pain, side effects. too much noise, activity, clutter, unfamiliar people and places, sudden movements, feeling of loss or insecurity. Being asked several questions at once, responding to arguments amongst others, responding to impatience, stress, irritability, being scolded/confronted/contradicted, being surprised, discovering inability to complete tasks, receiving unclear instructions, changing schedules, short attention span, task not broken down.

Alternate quiet/active periods. Plan outings when caree is rested, make them comfortable, simplify environment, keep consistency, orientate them to time, exercise regularly, gentle touches, distraction.

Trying to rationalise/reason with an individual who has dementia might only lead to frustration or anger because they no longer have the full ability to think logically.


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