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Trashing Families

I’m not sure how to change to font here, so I’m afraid this post is going to be in your face, until I figure out what mistake I made!

Last week I read an article in the Telegraph, the headline “Jeremy Hunt: Dementia ‘comprehensively trashes families'”. Unfortunately, the article had a great point to make about the necessity of a helpline for the carers of individuals with dementia. But this was completely covered up by the negative headline.

It irritates me that we all want dementia awareness, so that people can feel more at ease to get a diagnosis, or some help and support. And yet still people are reporting and highlighting the negatives of dementia. Yes, it is horrible. Yes it can become debilitating. I’m not denying that, but we need to put more focus on the positives, and the possibility of positives for families/carers/individuals, given the right support and information.

The start of which, I feel, and have thought would be great from very early on in my life of caring for nan, would be a helpline. Just knowing there is someone I could ring, at any hour of the day that can offer another perspective, and give me that boost. Or someone who can educate me on what is going on. Or just someone to talk to, being a carer, and indeed having dementia, can be very lonely experiences. And having someone who would be happy just to discuss the mundanities of life would make the world of difference.

So please, let’s ease up on the negative press. Everyone knows how hard things are, and let’s focus on some good news, that might make someone’s life that much better.



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