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I think I may have mentioned before how important it is to keep being as independent as possible when you have dementia. Nan seems so much more confident when she has things to do, things she is “trusted” with. Like her tasks. It is so important to feel you have a role. For nan, this really shows during cooking. She loves being invited to help to make things, and so here are our 3 top recipes that we enjoy cooking and eating together. Each recipe makes enough for at least 4 portions (and we have frozen and then microwaved when in desperate need – but I won’t say you definitely can as I do not wish to be sued if you get food poisoning). Please let me know any recipes you and your loved ones have enjoyed making. And remember to encourage your loved one to do as much as they feel they can do.

Fish Pie:

2/3 cod fillets – cooked to preference1 tin salmon
carrots/peas/green beans – boiled until soft
mushrooms – fried
1 sachet parsley sauce
milk (according to sachet)
grated cheese (for topping)
potatoes – boiled and mashed
optional: 2 x hard-boiled eggs

Flake cod and mix with vegetables in a casserole dish
Add mushrooms (and slices of boiled eggs)
Cover with parsley sauce and bake for 20 minutes
Cover with mash, cover with cheese and grill until golden

Chicken Supreme:

1 sachet chicken supreme sauce
fried mushrooms and onions
cabbage/sprouts/peas – cooked
quorn chicken – from frozen /diced chicken – cooked

Mix onions, mushrooms and chicken with sauce in a casserole dish
Blend the cabbage, sprouts etc and add to the chicken mix. Add more water if needed

(Lovely with carrot and swede mash)

Vegetarian Cottage Pie:

Quorn/Real minced beef
Bolognaise sauce (to make from scratch canned chopped tomatoes, olive oil, basil, salt and pepper)
carrots – boiled until soft
peas/sweetcorn – frozen/tinned
potatoes – mashed (or carrot and swede mash)

Fry mushrooms onions and garlic until soft
Add meat until brown and then add sauce
Mix in the vegetables
Top with mash

Enjoy 🙂


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