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Laundry Girls Take Two

Happy holidays all! Brief hiatus to enjoy life and now I’m back. And so is dementia nan, we’ve been at each others throats all day, but there will be a post about that another time. For now I’m playing catch up. This post is about the drama of laundry. Honest to God the arguments that laundry has caused in the 19 months I’ve been here is ridiculous.

I asked nan to take her cardigan off, and she kicked off. Telling me it was none of my business and she must be dirty and smelly. You may recall this has happened before, and that time nan told me if i thought she was so dirty and smelly I should just leave. Thankfully none of that this time. I somehow managed to keep my cool and not just pick her up and put her in the washing machine. I pointed out a stain on her cardigan and asked if she would like me to wash that for her. Oh yes, that was no problem. Asked if she would like the dress to be washed too. Well she huffed and she puffed, and she took the dress off and then didn’t talk to me for the rest of the morning.

So I finally thought of a new system. I take her tights bra dress and cardigan once she puts her nighty on every night, and chuck them in my laundry basket. And I’ve left a clean outfit consisting of all the things she needs for the day hanging in her wardrobe, so she has at least 3 choices, but all are clean and fresh. This means the only argument we have is for her to change her knickers, which she seems much happier to do at the moment. She’s even started leaving them on her bedside table for me to collect when I make the bed. What a sweet little dear.


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