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Happy New Year

Nan would like to start  by saying:

Hello my friends, I hope you have all enjoyed your Christmas, and are looking forward to the new year. Hoping that you have a peaceful new year and that people that have problems can get them sorted. It will be nice if people could help the other people that are finding it hard at this time. Thank-you for reading my granddaughters blog (my goodness I must talk about it a lot, she looked at me questionably when she plucked this word, and after a massive grin from me carried on) and hope that you enjoy or get encouragement from what she says in her blog. I hope that I have helped in some small way people that have problems like mine, I wish I could do more and wish you all a happy new year and lets hope that things go nicely. Also the weather to be kind to us! Considering the floods and nasty things that are happening at the moment to other people.

I have a few thoughts to end the year, but lets start with the final 2013 Thankyou to all of you. You’ve been great 🙂 and I hope 2014 treats each of you greatly and gives you all you deserve.

This year has been amazing. A few lows, a few highs but looking it over I’m proud of everything I have done and been a part of this year. To quote Mcfly: “It’s been M-otional, C-ms so F-fortless, I’d do it all again for the L of it, Just don’t ask me Y, It’s been M-barrassing, C-eems so F-ing stressful, But overall it’s been de-L-ightful, It’s hard to Y-ne”.

January: I had been living with nan for 6 months. I went on some very awkward dates. I was temping at a school doing a job I enjoyed but at a place I didn’t so much.
February: My first meeting with the Admiral Nurse who encourage me to write my blog (6400+ views later I am so grateful to her). This was also the month we thought about moving.
March: I started getting serious about travelling to America and put some serious thought into some plans.
April: I was offered a job to work for Disney teaching English in China. I turned it down partly because I didn’t think I would enjoy it, especially after reading some of the reviews online! Also partly down to not feeling ready to leave nan – whether this was for her benefit or mine I don’t know.
May: I saw McFly (again) at Wembley. And got my teeth whitened. And attended a dementia workshop.
June: I saw Jersey Boys from the box. I had my first “holiday” away from nan.
July: I started work at a job I really loved that came about from the dementia workshop I had attended. And pretty much worked through August.
September: Saw Mcfly at the Royal Albert Hall. And did the memory walk in a onesie raising £220 + gift aid. Thankyou again guys
October: Went to Disneyland and entered my first archery competition. I came second 😉
November: We moved to Somerset. And I was inaugurated as a Purple Angel Ambassador.
December: Losing weight and preparing for Christmas.

So next year, many many plans. And step by step guides on how to achieve my goals. But at least one of them I’m going to need your help.
I really want to be able to raise at least £500 for dementia charities next year. Of course I am planning to do the memory walk again. And I would like to be able to contribute to the Purple Angels chosen charity of 2014 Young Dementia UK. So how can you help? Suggest some inventive ways for me to raise some money. And of course dig deep 😉


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