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Hi guys, I have been promising nan she can have a go at blogging, she is now on Twitter and Facebook, so the final step is to let her loose here to voice her opinions and thoughts, so from here on in Nanny Jean is taking over (she struggled about thinking about what to write so I asked some questions, and she wrote her answers).
1) what does dementia mean to you?
2) How do you feel when you can’t remember?
3) How do you feel when people look after you, or take over for you?
4) Any tips for others living with dementia?
5) Is there enough help out there?

hello this is jean new to this s0 forgive me if i make  a mess,

-i dont really know what dementia meen to me. i am aware it makes my mind mmixed up and my memory is not good.

i get cross at myself when i cant reemember

depen ds onthe mood i am in. s0metimes i feel ok another day im i feel very down but dont know why. i receive good help from my grand daughter and appreciate it very much,sometimes i feel like im being treated like a child b8t i try not to take umbridge because because i know i dont always do the-right thing,

ican only say i kn ow how you feeil but try to keep am   your chin up and stay calm will help. if you7 can mix with people it will help. i dont like mixin so i keep my spirits up in other ways, (not with spirits they have been taken away!) talking to family is my main th8ng, my granddaughter bis a big part of that as she is  here all the time which is good fior me but not soi good for her. seeing the sea, i love the sea. walking around my house without falling. walking outside in the fresh air but not onmy o2n. my cat i love my cat k like to give him his meal because he is one of the familyand i like to feel like;i am doing somethin cor someone else

i think that more help and-suppoooort should be given the g0vernment do not do enough for the older folk who have worked a long time and payed a lot of taxes and still do.


6 thoughts on “This Just In

  1. This is a fabulous blog entry. Knowing what goes on in the mind – and in the heart – of the person with the disease is an element of this caregiving journey from which all of us could benefit. Thank you Nan!

    • Nanny Jean says: “I can’t believe that people think it’s fabulous but thankyou. That’s very good that people can benefit, I hope they do – I would be chuffed” (nan’s own words right there).
      She really is struggling that something she says can help someone, or that people would find it interesting.
      Much love from Kirsty and Nanny Jean

  2. Nanny Jean, I love your post. My nan has dementia and you wonderful post has given me a great insight into what it is like for you…just reading it got me a little teary.

    Can’t wait for you next blog Nanny Jean 🙂

    • Nanny Jean says: “That’s nice, much appreciated. I can’t believe in myself that I can help people and I am absolutely flabbergasted that I am, doing so because I don’t feel that I’m doing anything different. Oh dear, I don’t want people to cry, I want them to laugh and be happy. I don’t know when my next blog will be – (Kirsty has just pointed out it will be when we get off our arses and write one) but I am looking forward to writing another blog”.
      Much love from Nanny Jean and Kirsty

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