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Nanny Jean Blogs Again

hello friends a few lines to let you know im still around trying to write my blog and not making mistakes.9 used a typewriter f0r y3ars but i find this quite different.

when 1 cant remember i sit and ponder why i cant remember sometimes it works and sometimes not. when i cant remember j get cross with myself but i soon get going again.

I love my new house and very happy that i am with my family. i thought that i would jot like  it but it has worked out very well. i thought i would m9ss it but this has not haopened  binfact quite the referse i have f0rgotten the towns name i cannot picture the house we left but i still have a cleaar image of the house i used to live in withmy parents,. i like the sea view and will be glad when the weather is better so i can dip me toes in.

i will tell you a little 0f my youth at seven i joined a dancing class and i did ballet , danceand aacrobatics tapit was a shame that the war started and ii was evacuated i bbecame ill and was takenhome by my mother

we slept at night in an shelter in the gardenvery cold and damp but safe

it was great when the all clear went off and we could come out of the airaid shelter. it was great when we came out of the air raid shelterbecause  and could get warm in front of the fireindoors.


8 thoughts on “Nanny Jean Blogs Again

  1. Reblogged this on beached and commented:
    Jean this is just lovely to read. I am pleased you like your new home and especially the sea view as I love the sea too x

  2. So glad the move went well for you, Nanny Jean. I look forward to reading about you having a paddle!
    Many of the people I know who lived through the Second World War recall in particular the Doodlebugs, and the sense of relief when they’d passed over – similar to you feeling relieved at the ‘all-clear’.

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