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Sorry To Disappoint

I feel after all the excitement of Nanny Jean starting to blog that I may now be a bit of a let down. But there is of course things I still want to chat about. So I’m afraid you will simply have to put up with me waffling on. Nanny Jean will of course be back, but she seems to struggle when trying to write her own ideas, so if anyone has any questions so I can sort of structure her for a few more posts. Then get her used to writing with less and less assistance 🙂

Thankyou all for being so kind and supportive of Nanny Jean, she has been a different person the last few days. So much more confident just knowing that there are so many people that want to listen her. I hope you all checked out the Youtube videos! Keep an eye on my Youtube page as I’ll be trying to add more videos of nan throughout the year.

I’ve been watching nan while she’s been typing, and the difference in speed in such a short time really is remarkable. So you know what? You can teach an old dog new tricks (sorry Nanny Jean I don’t think you’re a dog).

I feel I need to re iterate a point I’ve made a few times. If you want to talk to a person with dementia, please talk TO them, not at them. Not through them. And it helps if they know you are talking to them, so get their attention first. It’s not fair to constantly be having conversations around a person and not giving them a chance to join in. It takes very little adaptation to include people in a conversation so just think about what you’re doing/saying and what your body is doing/saying.

Dementia nan has really only shown one proper appearance this week. It was basically brought on by the washing up, and nan’s habit of washing it up and then leaving things on the side instead of looking into cupboards and seeing where they could go. I KNOW nan finds it hard to think “logically” but this day I was just feeling sick of everything I have to do. Anyway dementia nan kicked off and in a horrible tone of voice asked if the fact she washed and dried up wasn’t enough? Yes, I handled this superbly, threw everything into the cupboards and said well maybe I should write a list of all the things I do every day! And then she didn’t talk to me until the next morning. So of course I didn’t sleep well, getting someone ready for bed who is looking at you like a piece of poo doesn’t exactly put you in sleepy moods. But nan forgot all about it and woke up all lovely, and helped me clean. That’s something I still struggle, to put our disagreements behind us as easily as nan does. I am progressing though, I don’t hold a grudge for nearly as long as I used to!

I went to a dementia carer’s support group this week. And it was perfect. Everyone is so friendly, and we immediately all felt comfortable with each other. So I’ll definitely be going regularly! They also let me know of a day centre in Minehead that many of their relatives go to. I didn’t think nan would be up for this, as so often in the past she has fought the idea of going along to one. But she actually agreed to come try it out with me! Just goes to show how you can’t assume because you think you know a person!

I’m so glad though that nan is able to see how important, popular and special she is while she is still able to recognise it. Not many people get to see how many people they touch in their lifetime, and so for Nanny Jean to have had some kind of an impact on so many of you who have commented and tweeted her really blows her away. Thankyou again.


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