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fundraising ideas

Hey guys,

As previously mentioned I am planning to raise a hella lotta money for dementia charities this year. I want to raise a ton for young dementia uk, the purple angels chosen charity of the year and also to carry on my efforts for other dementia charities. To do this I would like to do a series of events throughout the year, and if I get my arse in gear to organise a fun day in the town incorporating a few of these ideas.

So guys, is there anything you’d like to see me do? And feel free to take ideas from this list and make a bit of money for a dementia charity.






memory walk

sponsored give up of dr pepper

sponsored give up of disney

auction (of services – ahem, not my services but businesses maybe?)


organise sponsored game/dancing

garden safari

baked bean bath

bus pull

collecting tin, in a cage, in a onesie, handcuffed to someone

eating marathon

fasting marathon

game show

glamorous gran competition

activity day

gunge tank

head shave

mile of pennies

play your cards right

wax boys legs

kissing booth


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