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Backwards and Forwards

So as you will all be aware nan has joined the blogging scene, and the tweeting scene. I think we can safely say she has been progressing well. And she enjoyed taking part in another diversealz chat yesterday (write up to follow). I have noticed a few things beginning to slide again this week though. It’s as if we can progress one thing, but we lose others, and it’s a shame to think of what we might have to sacrifice.

For example, today nan managed to sew on a button. I was pretty certain she wouldn’t be able to see the needle and thread, let alone be able to co ordinate the needle. But of course she proved me wrong, as she so often has a habit of doing. The button is securely back on her dress and she feels rather proud of herself. It may have taken her longer than it used to, but it is another thing she has achieved.

However, this week nan has also been poorly. I won’t go into details but it did bring to my attention more of a negligence in self care than I was aware of previously. This led to some thinking outside the box, and yet another problem temporarily solved. Sometimes I feel like we are living in a submarine, which is being poked through with holes, and we only have so much gum to block up the holes. So we are just running around plugging gaps in the hopes of not drowning.

And here’s something random to think about, if anyone has a scientific reason for this I will be grateful; Nan can find her way around the house easier in the dark, with the doors shut than if the doors are open. If a door is open then nan seems to blank it out, it’s like it doesn’t exist. So what is happening there?

And to end, a rather funny story of nan’s eagnerness to feed the cat. She was unable to locate the cat food, so she improvised. What do you think we could feed the cat? Please, take some time to think a bit creatively about this. Ok, what were you thinking? Nope, it was shortbread. Poor cat had crumbled up shortbread. Unsurprisingly he was unimpressed and stalked off.


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