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Rub A Dub Dub

Nan and I agreed this song should feature in the post, nan has been singing along. Thank God for Youtube.

hello me again, nanny jean

had a bath today and it felt very good but dont think i have not washed because iiii always  have a goodwash if i cannot get into the bath

kirsty told me it has been 20 years i cannot believe it. the demenshern seeme to have taken 20  or more years away asi cannot remember a thing about the last house i was in.ican remembe where i was achild

Nanny Jean is now eating her dinner but is finding it strange that 20 years have disappeared. She was stubbornly telling me the last time she had a bath was in a tin one in the last house. But when I asked her old she was she knew she was 80 something. We have agreed that as the dementia has taken away 20 years it is only fair that she docks 20 years off her age. So Nanny Jean is now 60! I am so relieved that nan let me help her wash her as I was becoming concerned about creases etc maybe being neglected. It was relatively simple to get her to try it out, all I had to do was show her the new equipment. Told her she could try it with her clothes on, and then we slowly took off each item of clothing. By the time the bubbles had taken over the bathroom nan was in her element.

“My bath made me feel lovely, I liked that it was nice. relax into the bath. yes”


3 thoughts on “Rub A Dub Dub

  1. Hi there Nan and Kirsty… I’m loving this joint blogging thing, where you both have a chat! It makes the title of the blog so much more real for me too (you know my thoughts on it Kirsty!). But I have softened on them, and understand much better about the other side of the fence, and how it effects us all. So, to nan, keep on talking and telling Kirsty what to write for you, and keep on writing as a wonderful granddaughter loving her nan. Love and hugs always… Aussie Kate !

    • Hi Aussie Kate from both Kirsty and nan. Really appreciate your comments, I have learned a lot about the other side of the fence too, I think that’s why communication is so important. Nan says she will keep talking, as long as people are happy to read 🙂
      Much love to you xxxx

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