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Getting To Know You

When Nanny Jean first started up on the internet I asked you to send us some questions that would give her a basis for a few blog posts. This was good forward thinking on my part as nan seems to be struggling a lot with the dementia, especially the memory side at the moment (but more on that in my own post later). So here are Nanny Jean’s answers to a few of your questions, we will do some more in the next post, and feel free to keep sending them. A big thank-you to you all for getting involved. (I have typed for nan as she is not so co ordinated today-I have noticed today that her speech is slowing down).

What do you hope for this year?

“I haven’t really thought about that, let’s think. I hope it’s a good year, we don’t want any problems. For myself I hope to just to be able to manage to do things and be helpful. I hope my family all keep well and have good health. I hope for the country that the floods and things don’t get any worse because that must be dreadful for the people that live out in the country where its raining and its muddy and its horrible for them. I hope my dementia doesn’t get any worse, and that somebody can do something about it at some point to help everybody that has it. I hope that the whole world stops the wars. That would be nice. And in some countries they seem to suffer the people themselves are not particularly looked after and I feel sorry for those kind of people. I would also like it to be a bit warmer, I don’t like the cold weather, although I must say I do enjoy the snow. not to go out in it but to watch it through the window.”

How would you like to be remembered?

“Well, I think that’s a hard question. I would like to think that I am liked, I try not to upset anybody. I would hope people would think of me and I hope I haven’t upset anybody because I don’t like that idea. I don’t think I have, that’s not my way of carrying on. That I was helpful and polite when I could be. I should hope that my granddaughters and daughter liked me, i know i can be a bit awkward sometimes! I was pleased that people were interested me and I hope they understood what I was trying to get at, I’m not very good at words but I hope they enjoyed my blogs. I hope people think nicely of me. I want people to remember that I live with dementia and it makes me forget things but I still try to carry on in my usual way and I tried new things like blogging. So it is never too late to start something new”.

Happiest moment of your life

When I got married 🙂


One thought on “Getting To Know You

  1. Thank you Jean. You say that your happiest moment was getting married. How did you meet your future husband? Was it love at first sight? 💓💓💓

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