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The dreams you plan really can come true 

So it really has been a while since the last update! To be fair I think I have a good excuse for once. Regular followers will know I finally chased down that second star on the right and ended up in my own never land working at Disneyland Paris. 

I think you all understand how nervous I was about actually pursuing my own dream and leaving nan but as it turns out, we’ve both done okay. I’m back with nan until my new contract starts at Disney and I don’t think she even realised I haven’t been here for 6 months. I’m trying not to disrupt her new routine too much as she seems to really rely on that now as a structure for every day but I think she’s enjoying the added interactions. 

For those of you who have me on Facebook there’s a brilliant video of nan playing the ukelele. She was keen to learn, for about five minutes. Then she took charge and did her own thing. As she should. As we all should, who gives a damn if it’s not the right way. It made her smile, which is something I figure we all could do with more of.

Thanks once again to everyone who’s helped us. We definitely wouldn’t have made it without you!  


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