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Return of the Nan

So I thought it was only right that nan got to update you all herself. Here goes!

hello             helo my friend I my name is jeais jean i what is yoursdoi u amiwiiish

I tried to get nanny Jean to type up earlier today but it really stressed her out and as you can see, the results were a little muddled.

So instead here is a little interview I conducted so nanny jean can keep you updated on her progress and feelings

Whats your name?


How old are you?

Oh my goodness, fancy asking me that. I was born in January so I would have gone…no I cant remember. Is it eighty something?

Do you feel 86?

Sometimes yes. Very much so.

If it was up to you how old would you be?

Id have said in my 80s. (if you could choose) oh, 50’s (is that when you started enjoying life?) that is it yep.

Do you have a message for your fans on the blog?

Oh dear. Erm. I say hello to everybody and if anyone would like to give me a call sometime it would be nice and I’d like to thank them for keeping up with us.

What do you do on an average day?

Who me? Not a lot now unfortunately. I potter around, I try and help where I can but its not very much. Dum de dum.. talk to myself. Goodness me. I dunno. I cant remember a lot of what the time we did before. We did before. We did it before. Quite a while back. That’s difficult because my memory is not like it was. I cant remember half the things we did. It still applies. (can you remember today) probably not. Things go out your mind. (what are you thinking about right now) nice cuppa tea. (what do you think about during the day) I try and find something to do. And sometimes I jot things to remind me.

What is your favourite thing to do?

(clucking noises) that’s a hard one now.
(why’s that?)
well it just is.
(here we had a conversation about what a good answer that is and how my mum has the same answer – just because. NAN REPLIED WITH
so I take after mum, or she takes me then. I do like that. That’s lovely.
(back to topic)
I like pottering around. And dusting.
(out the window?)
(erm nope)
yeah I see lorries
(think that’s the old house, whats at the bottom of the hill)
well it must be a hill coz you go up it.
(so you cant see the ocean)
nope, never seen the ocean

(yes you can! Open the blind!) (look out the window what can you see?)
looks like rain. (!!! )
(ok so. What can you see out the window)
traffic. See if anyone’s coming.
(the sea?)
we’re not near the sea.
(I gave up with this one after this.)

How do you feel the dementia is affecting your life?

Oh dear. (big sigh) memories. Its difficult sometimes to remember some of the memories that i would have known. What else could it be. Going out, i can’t go out on my own, coz its dangerous apart from anything else. I miss going out on my own. Going down the shops which are not far away. Its trying to make top or tail of it if you know what I mean. I know i’ve got something wrong with me, or something that affects my brain or something like that so I take extra care when i go around or do things in case I mess it all up.

How is it affecting you personally?

Well I think its slower that’s a definite one. Cant keep up with how I used to be. It can be quite annoying, you think, you you know when you think what you’ve done in your past and now you cant do any of it or hardly any of it. (how does that make you feel) awful – coz your not what you was and your not likely to gain it back.

I have good days as well as bad days so its not exactly erm sort of erm how do I put it no I don’t know how to get to that one.

Id like to say that i’m very happy here and appreciate what mum does and you do and emily. (what about the followers?) I hope that you all get good health or better health and that you’re all happy and not worried about anything, people get sort of erm, whats the word to say erm. I dunno. If you haven’t got somebody like you who helps things that I cant always get in my mind and I have to ask you and things that get I can put something down walk away and then forget where i’ve put it. Not really no (worth worrying about) you’ve got to try and put it aside and try and have a natural life not sort of bogged down.

Im not really sure how to end this post. It’s made me feel sad to see how muddled nan really has gotten, she can’t tell the time, she has no idea whether she’s eaten, she can’t chew hard foods, and she stares into blankness much more regularly. It is nice to see her have positive moments, where she remembers the things that she’s grateful for but those moments are getting so rare and she doesn’t seem to appreciate much any more. There’s so little of nan left but she’s still fighting to get through.

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